LaBella Flora Blog Beautiful Girls Clothing from Top Boutique Designers Mon, 19 Jun 2017 19:31:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 122748786 Say Hello to Fall 2017 PreOrders! Mon, 19 Jun 2017 19:30:01 +0000 I am so beyond excited to share with you all of the great brands and styles that are already released for Fall 2017 PreOrders. PreOrders are the perfect way to make sure that your daughter secures the styles that she loves in her perfect size! Are you new to PreOrdering? Let’s talk through the basics real quick before diving into just a few of the designers and their fabulous new looks!

Okay, so you have found the item(s) that you love, what’s next? While you are adding your selected pieces to the shopping cart you will be asked to select a payment option. All PreOrders are eligible for a 25% deposit. When you purchase using the deposit payment option, it gives you the flexibility to make additional payments until they arrive or you can opt to pay the full remainder once they are ready to ship. When you pay with a credit card, the remaining balance is automatically charged when it is ready to ship. Using PayPal in tandem with the deposit has a slightly different process. When your items are ready to ship, we will contact you with a notification that your PayPal account has been invoiced for the amount due. Watch for our e-mails! All orders that are paid in full are shipped out first. Please call if you have any questions.

Hannah Banana

Now that we know how, let’s talk about what (the fun part)! Some of these brands will deserve a blog post all to themselves, some of these are perfect to talk about together. This post I want to focus on the SaraSara brands. These include: Hannah Banana, Truly Me and Baby Sara. Often we find adorable prints, comfortable textures and beautiful appliques. This fall 2017 season is no exception. We love that all of these items are perfect for either school days or recitals! A fun addition to Hannah Banana this fall is the select pieces from the Black Label line. This line is filled with dresses and separates that are dressy and will make her feel special!

Baby SaraTruly Me

The sister lines, Baby Sara and Truly Me, are designed to accommodate a specific size range. Both keep up the tradition of quality that SaraSara is known for. Her friends will be jealous of any design she selects from their fall 2017 collections.

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Flower Girl Dresses: How to Pick out the Perfect Dress for Your Flower Girl Wed, 03 May 2017 15:16:08 +0000 It is a little hard for me to believe that wedding season has come around again. Spring is here and that means weekends are filled with bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and, of course, weddings! It is a very exciting time in life to plan your wedding. I was just married last January and can still remember the magic of every small decision. All though it all came together in the end, thinking about all of the choices I had to make could be overwhelming at times (especially since we had about 4 months to plan). If you have a wedding binder filled with all of your tasks, take it out and let’s get down to business: picking out a flower girl dress.

There are several different ways to approach your flower girl. Do you like when the flower girl looks a lot like the bride? Do you like having the flower girl in a new pop of color other than the bride and bridesmaids? What about matching the bridesmaids? There are many ways to coordinate her outfit, and none of them are wrong. Remember, this is your wedding day. Whatever you like best, that’s what you should go with. Your guests will be more focused on the overall feel of the wedding, created by the love you share with your groom-to-be. Trust me, no matter what she’s wearing, as soon as she comes down the aisle with the petals (or without petals) a community “awww” will be immediate.

Biscotti DressMy flower girls were dressed for their comfort and to match me. This means that I chose to have ivory dresses. If this is the route you want to take, we adore Biscotti Dress and their adorable and timeless styles. I will admit that this made accessorizing a little difficult. There are so many shades of white/ivory out there! We were lucky to find the perfect little sweaters (Indiana January’s are cold!) and simple pearl necklaces were a beautiful match. My nieces loved having this special jewelry, especially the older one who had recently gotten her ears pierced! On the wedding day, both little girls loved seeing that I was wearing the same color dress AND similar jewelry, it made them feel so special.

Another fabulous option is to pick something that is unique, 2but within or matching your color scheme. The first thing I thought when I saw this Tutu Du Monde dress was “wow! That would look unbelievable at a wedding!” This brand is no stranger to reactions like this. It is one of the most luxurious and expensive brands that we currently carry. There is good reason for the price. All of these designs are imported from Australia. And they are filled with gorgeous details that do not come cheap. Anyways, sorry for the small bunny trail (I’m obsessed with this dress). Finding something that suits her and makes her stand out is another sure fire way to make her feel like a princess. Boast of the frills, the different color, the small details, or anything in front of her and she will be beaming from ear to ear!

The one thing that I encourage you to remember most is that even though this is your day, your little flower girl looks up to you. She will love your beautiful gown, your finished make up, your fancy hairstyle and especially the jewelry. It takes just a small ounce of energy to make her feel as special as she is. Love on her and make sure to thank her for all of her help making your wedding day perfect. If your flower girl is a little older than mine, you could even show her what color her dress needs to be and then ask her to help you look! What a fun and priceless memory for both you and her in the years to come. If you already have a dress picked out, share it below! We want to know how your flower girl will dress/dressed on the big day!

All About Livie and Luca Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:30:22 +0000 We know that many of our customers adore the Livie and Luca brand, but we wanted to take a moment to talk about all the benefits found in this brand! They love to take inspiration for their shoes from a child’s playful spirit. This means that you can be sure to find a style that she will adore while the shoes make her feel comfortable and fun. In this blog post we are going to touch on eight (that’s right, eight!) different things that we love about these shoes. Let’s get started!!

DesignThe first on our list is of course, design. The designs that come from this brand of kids shoes are all vastly appealing. These styles create a glint in just about any eye who spots them, while simultaneously reminding you of outfits they would look great with. These designs are often versatile and easy to pair with a wide range of what you might find in your daughter’s closet. I know that my daughter adores choosing which outfit she wants to wear with her Livie and Luca’s each day! These designs include whimsical characters and are sure to delight!

Something for Moms

Moms, we know that you put a lot of thought and care into what Safe-and-Sustainablebrands you support and what products you buy for your children. We want to assure you that Livie and Luca is a continued choice that will never disappoint. They pride themselves on being safe and sustainable. No need to arm the earth while creating fabulous fashion, right? The company can boast of being CPSIA certified while also producing every design with lead-free leather and textiles. Our third benefit is another one I know all moms will love. These shoes are easy Washableto clean and care for! Do not fret about letting your child run and play, these shoes will support them and be easy to clean up and pass on to the next child. I really cannot overstate how much value is packed into every pair of their shoes!

Now that we’ve made mom happy, lets keep up with this roll we’re on!Easy-on-and-off The remaining five benefits will be felt directly by the child every time they put their feet into the shoes (and are also loved by moms). In fact, they will notice it right as they begin the process of getting their shoes on. That’s right, number four is the easy on and off. Wiggle-RoomMany of these shoes have simple straps that little hands can handle all their own (we know that they love their independence!). The last four benefits are ones that are very dear to my heart. These all promote healthy foot growth (what could be more important in a child’sLightweight shoe?). The flexible shoes allow a wide range of motion, keeping up with her every whim. She will be completely comfortable with the padded sole and the extra wiggle room that allows her toes to have their space (mom, this also means that they can wear them longer!). With lightweight and breathable shoesBreatheable that are comfortable for your child, what more could you want? The weight of a shoe impacts new walkers and active kids. And the breathable. genuine leather is antimicrobial.

If you haven’t purchased a pair of Live and Luca girls shoes, we highly encourage trying out this designer. If you need a different size or are unhappy with the product, we always accept returns within 14 business days. Our customer care representatives will be happy to help pair the shoes with an outfit or give you precise measurements to make sure your order is right. We are here to help make every moment of her childhood extra special!

Introducing Mayoral (With Something for Everyone!) Fri, 14 Apr 2017 17:30:25 +0000 If you have subscribed to our company newsletter, than you may have seen a new brand pop up in a few of them. We are so excited to welcome Mayoral to the LaBella Flora family! Our promise to you is that every brand we carry is filled with great quality as well as style. Mayoral is no exception to this rule! While we did carry several items during this past fall/winter season, I have decided it was time to tell you a little bit about this brand and give a formal introduction!


The Mayoral headquarter is found in Spain while Mayoral fashion can be found in over 70 different countries. This wide appeal is found in its tradition of quality. Not many of the brands we carry can boast of having over 75 years of experience in the business. That’s right, I didn’t make a typo. This brand initially started back in 1941!! With vast expansion made from first ventures of selling children’s socks and tights, Mayoral continues to update their styles and their business to better serve its customers. Many things have changed since 1941, and Mayoral embraces new technology that helps ensure their quality continues to survive. This company is impressive in just about any way you look at it. The continuously train their employees and are always at the ready to change with the consumer’s lifestyles.

Inspired by the newest trends, the design team of over 100 members continue to produce styles that we adore season after season. This season, you can find a little of everything. Looking for that darling  girls romper? We have it. Looking for some infant sizes? We have those too. From staples and everyday layering pieces to that extra special dress, the Mayoral Spring 2017 collection has something for everyone.

Love when you find a brand that is consistent? Us too! Mayoral has been under the leadership of the same family since 1941 and you cannot manufacture that kind of pride. It’s this family pride that drives a great quality product for every customer. We feel sure that our customers will love Mayoral clothing because the same values found at the heart of the company in 1941 are still there today! Maintaining a strict guide for quality of fabrics, their designers travel around the world for only the best inspirations that help inform every piece. When you purchase a Mayoral piece, you purchase something filled with value and sophistication! We are now friends to Mayoral, and our hope is that you will become one too!

Dresssy or Casual? Deciding on Her Easter Look Tue, 11 Apr 2017 07:57:26 +0000 With Easter right around the corner (only 12 days!) A lot of our focus here at LaBella Flora is on helping every customer create a special memory for Easter. Why should our blog be any different? We are swimming in beautiful orders filled with special occasion dresses and little girl outfits! I want to address a common question customers have this week, but also a fun craft to enjoy with the kids!

With less than two weeks to go, have a lot of customers calling to make sure that they can receive their order in time. Who wants to order the perfect dress only to receiving it the Monday after Easter? Do not worry, there is still time to order! For our US customers who order by next Tuesday, April 11 at 1:00 pm EST, Priority Shipping will still get your order in time! After that time, you must select the US Rush shipping option. The absolute latest you can order and still receive it in time for Easter is by Thursday, April 13 at 1:00 pm EST. If you are still leary, please feel free to call our customer service representatives at 888.572.3552. We would be happy place your zip code into the USPS estimator to see the expected arrival dates.

One of my favorite parts of Easter as a child was dyeing Easter eggs! This year on FaceBook I came across a link to this post detailing how to dye your eggs with Whipped Cream instead of the old fashion way (or using shaving cream). If you are planning on eating the eggs after dying, I highly recommend this method so you are not soaking your food in shaving cream. All you need is:

  1. any tub or can of whipped cream (or cool whip) or you can whip heavy cream/half and half yourself.
  2. Gel Food Coloring
  3. Hard Boiled Eggs
  4. Vinegar (brightens the colors)

Just add your whipped cream into a large baking dish or pan. You can have different colors in different dishes or swirl them all. The instructions are pretty easy to follow and includes helpful tips. If any of you have tried this method, please share how it turned out! I’m thinking some of our eggs will be dyed this week!


With all of the fun and celebration, make her day extra special with that perfect dress our outfit. A customer favorite is the Andalusia collection from Mustard Pie Clothing. Every dress and outfit is adorable and brightly ooh-la-la-couture-emma-dress-sky-blue-14colored, while still allowing her to run and play in comfort! If you have a more formal affair or church service, be sure to check out all of our gorgeous Easter dresses before they are all gone! We have one of a kind party dresses that are beyond compare. Pick her favorite color or style today!

Tell us all about your plans for Easter! Will you be taking photos? Are you picking a casual dress or outfit or something fancy and unique? I personally just got a long navy dress covered in bright pops of pink flowers, I can’t wait to wear it!


Beauty and the Beast Mania Wed, 29 Mar 2017 20:12:12 +0000 Wow! It has been a blast to watch the Beauty and the Beast craze hit this spring. Hard to believe that the animated movie was in theaters the year I was born (1991). Now kids (and us adults) get to enjoy the magic of the story in a new way. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was blown away by the new live action film. This movie gave me everything I wanted, and everything I didn’t know I wanted. I was thrilled to have expanded depth. This was added throughout the film in many ways. From the back story of the spell, to the Beast himself, and even the relationship between Belle and her father.Beauty and the Beast

“Evermore” sang by the Beast as Belle left the castle is now a new favorite in my house. This song felt so classic that I actually looked to see if it had been written for the Broadway musical. Which of the songs have you and your kids been playing more than the others?

Beauty and the Beast Dance

Let’s talk about the yellow gown. I remember watching the animated classic as a kid and being memorized by the movement of her skirt as she spun around the ballroom. I, and all of my friends, obsessed over this dress. It was a must have for dress up!

The new dress is gorgeous and the movement as Belle danced? Even more gorgeous. This yellow dress has been given new life and absolutely mastered. I know that this year will be filled with many Belle themed birthday parties, and I can’t wait!

0Here at LaBella Flora, we are so excited to be able to offer a Beauty and the Beast dress by Ooh La La. This dress is now found on our PreOrder page, and is ready to be cherished by your darling daughter. The bodice is smocked, for ultimate comfort while dressed with ruffles and gems at the neckline. The knee length style is perfect for any season. Of course, it wouldn’t feel as enchanted without the volume and layer of pick ups!

As if this dress wasn’t enough, Ooh La La Couture has also designed a matching jacket. The denim is on trend for 2017 and looks perfect with the gown. A touch of red is found in the roses on the long sleeves and the collar is dressed with a ruffle. This jacket will be a favorite to pair with everything!

Pick up one of these dresses before they are sold out. Where will your daughter wear it? Birthday? Disney Vacation?

Photos by Disney and Ooh La La

Magical Spring 2017 Trends Fri, 17 Mar 2017 00:08:15 +0000 One of my favorite themes found throughout many collections for Spring 2017 is magic. With a whimsical unicorn, swimming mermaids and more, these looks truly celebrate what it means to have a child’s imagination. We know that you will love these styles just as much as your darling daughter. Let’s dive into the deep and discover a look for everyone!

Artboard 1Already featured on our social media and our blog, Rylee and Cru spring 2017 cannot go unmentioned in this post. Why? Because the vintage circus theme is filled with a magic all it’s own. We love the playful prints that include show ponies and big top tents. Have you ever purchased a darling outfit only to hear your daughter complain about itchy fabric or uncomfortable cuts? You will never experience such complaints when you purchase Rylee and Cru. The slouchy cuts add to the adorable quotient while the fabrics have slight stretch and are soft to the touch.

t2-love-mermaid-tank-for-girls-5Speaking about comfort, let’s look at how T2 Love continues this tradition by placing all of their fabric through washes that achieve the ultimate level of softness. We know that your tween will appreciate this as must as the girls in our own lives here in Auburn, IN do. The one thing that makes one brand of casual clothing her go to over the others is this buttery soft feeling, smooth and comfortable all day long. Their new spring 2017 designs continue with their dedication to the ever day wardrobe. Whether she is looking for separates, dresses or rompers, we know that she will find a style she loves among the newest selections. Speaking to the fantastical trend, this stormy tie dye top joins the parade of pieces that include a playful nod to the mystical realm of creatures. We love the way they turned the trend on its head by placing a bold black silhouette on the faded yield sign.

DSC_7212Our next look at this fun and playful trend comes from several selections by Five Loaves Two Fish. These dresses are on the top of everyone’s favorite list for this season, and there is no question why. With wide eyed wonder, your daughter will gleam when she spies the summer parades, prancing unicorns and swimming mermaids that are placed upon the most beautiful of dresses. These styles are so popular and are selling fast. We suggest that you jump on board before you miss the best look of the season!! For those younger customers, there is a separate baby style for two of these dresses that also features bloomer shorts to be placed beneath the skirt.

petit-LemMy final showcase of the magical creature trend comes from one of our newer and smaller brands, Petit Lem. The majority of our customers have not yet had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful brand, but we know that those who have, fell in love. With three styles still available, we find a new piece of magic in each design. The small coral dress brings a subtle touch of the ocean’s mystery with the golden starfish print. My personal favorite is the skirt set (actually matching the dress). This outfit features a fun tulle skirt while a large dreamy mermaid is featured on the light pink top. I can image a beautiful girl boasting of her new look to all of her friends or even just at school. Your daughter will love the way any piece from Petit Lem makes her feel, like a stylish princess straight out of a movie.

Join the conversation, what is your favorite piece that boasts of this trend? Is there one that should have been mentioned, but wasn’t? I want to hear all about which outfit your daughter would love the most and where she would wear it! 😀


Rylee & Cru – All About Comfort and Style Mon, 06 Mar 2017 17:00:18 +0000 If this is your first time being introduced to the Rylee and Cru Rylee and Cru Dots Button Back Dress 2brand, I know it won’t be long until it fills your heart just like it has mine. Rylee and Cru is a newer brand, that has been ushered into the children’s clothing scene with much anticipation and love. With fans pouring out love on Instagram, it was only a matter of time before Rylee & Cru moved to the top of every modern mom’s must have list! Ready to fall in love?

Rylee and Cru Floral Button Back Dress 3Rylee & Cru was founded by illustrator, Kelli Murray. With her artistic vision, we see many modern and comfortable designs fill every collection. Mom’s adore that their little one looks as sweet as can be without sacrificing the most important thing for young girls, comfort! With soft fabrics and slouchy cuts, the look of Rylee and Cru is distinct in the world of boutique clothing. Many of their designs are created with a 100% cotton, slub knit fabric that has inherent texture and soft to her skin. Your darling daughter will feel free to twirl, run, crawl and jump when she boasts of an outfit as comfortable as Rylee & Cru. From slouchy sweat pants to printed dresses, we love it all!

Rylee and Cru Tigers Bubble Onesie 2With the modern aesthetic featuring muted tones and simple prints, Murray excels at bringing mom’s a new way to display their style. We love that each piece features at most two colors, allowing the character of the fit to take center stage. This spring collection is inspired by the old school circus show. Does she love the big top tents, prancing show ponies or the gorgeous exotic cats? The vintage feel of these prints is a throw back to a time when childhood was filled with whimsy, creativity and loads of fun. We love that baby can have a romper covered in a print matching her older sister’s dress!

Tiger One Piece and Horse One PieceWith a high demand for more options, a new surprise was found in the release of Spring 2017. That’s right, we now have Rylee and Cru swimwear! Boasting of the same adorable prints, these swimsuits will stand apart from every other design found on the beach. Her friends and your friends will have a twinge of jealousy when they spot her Rylee and Cru swimsuit. On the one pieces we find a touch of ruffle on her neckline while the two piece swimsuits offer a skirted bottom.

Young Starlets Love Ooh La La Couture Design And We Know Why Mon, 06 Feb 2017 13:00:28 +0000 If you want your little girl to have the style of the stars, we’d like to introduce you to Ooh La La Couture designs. This clothing brand is quickly becoming the number one pick for young starlets who want to stand out on the red carpet next to their parents. Young stars such as Heidi Klum’s daughter have been spotted rocking the unique styles this brand offers and we can understand why.

What we love about Ooh La La Couture is that it seems to capture two types of design beautifully. With certain clothing, the designers seem to have chosen to create subtle and elegant clothing that could match what a star’s parents would wear. Yet there is still a sense of fun and childlike creativity in other fashionable wear. For instance, we love their denim collection that is perfect for a casual going to school look. However, we’re sure some young girls would also adore the Red Heart Lace Sleeve Dress that is a tad more creative and fun.

There’s certainly a wide selection of different styles for young girls and parents to choose from with this clothing brand. It all depends on the look you want to create. You can look like a little star ready for the red carpet. Or, you can shop for a new outfit, perfect for wandering the malls or playing with friends. Always keep an eye on any Ooh La La Couture sale items!

Ooh La La Couture seems to adore blending different styles, materials and colors to create exciting new outfits. There are also some gorgeous dresses designed around cultural icons. For instance, you can get a dress that looks like one a ballerina might wear and even one that resembles an adorable sailor uniform. We’re infatuated by how elegant these dresses look and we’re sure you will be too!

New Designs, Stunning Collections

Ooh La La Couture is always working on new designs and collections that parents will love. The concept behind the creation of their clothing is simple. They want to design outfits that feel funky, fresh and cool with a touch of grace and elegance. But they still aim to always provide dresses and wear that caters to young girls who love staying active.

As such, many of their outfits are intended for free movement, perfect for running and playing. They are great for a sassy, classy princess who loves dashing around and exploring the world.

As the label has become popular with celebs the brand has moved towards more lush and lavish clothing. But there are still plenty of dresses that are perfect for a casual day out. One of the features that parents love about these outfits is that they have adjustable shoulder straps. This means you can buy a dress and it will grow with your child. She won’t have to say goodbye to her favorite outfit and instead can wear it for at least a few years.

If you’re looking for outfits for your little girl that look stunning and encourage and active lifestyle you can’t do much better than this. Particularly, now that they are starting to become popular in Hollywood.

New Stunning Styles For Little Girls By Giggle Moon Mon, 30 Jan 2017 13:00:09 +0000 Giggle Moon clothing is designed for baby girls up to size eight that provide a unique twist on tween fashions. We love the way the outfits use different colors and styles to look bright and beautiful. The items here seem to generate a vintage feel for young girls who want nothing more than to look like a little princess. Needless to say, this clothing line doesn’t shy away from the idea of letting young girls look girly!

Why We Adore Giggle Moon

We love the variety of different choices that this clothing brand offers to parents and young girls. One of our favorite all time pieces is the Pure Gold Linda Lou Dress. Blending two colors together, this dress looks absolutely stunning and will make your little one stand out in her school class or anywhere she goes. There’s nothing basic about the styles of these clothing designs. We think the designer had a clear idea in mind. Why do adults get to have all the fun? Little girls should be able to dress in stylish, trendy clothing too!

As they say, the devil is in the details, and it’s the little things we love the most about Giggle Moon Designs. There are the ruffles that are present on almost every dress that they design that make the outfits look frilly and wonderful. Some of the beautiful summer dresses have beautiful bows to match the adorable headdresses that you can purchase.

Giggle Moon makes a fine selection of headbands for girls that we absolutely adore. They match the dresses that you can buy and will make your angels look like little cherubs.

The Latest Design

The designer behind the Giggle Moon name has never shied away from her faith and love for religion. That’s why we’re not surprised to see she’s named her latest clothing season after names that fit right into the themes of the Bible. This season Giggle Moon is bringing four new collections to the market that parents and little ones are sure to fall in love with.

While the themes behind these collections are certainly heavenly, we think they also seem to mirror the different seasons. The Book Of Life collection dresses uses pastel colors and frilly designs that feel like flowers blossoming in spring. Matched with a beautiful flower headband, this could be the perfect outfit for any time of year.


As hard as it can be to imagine, more fabulous collections are yet to be released for the Spring 2017 season. These designs are sure to delight moms and daughters everywhere. As always, we love their comfort and colorful blends.  Be sure to take a look at our preorder pages to discover the magic that fills their styles for spring and summer.

The best part is that each collection could be worn at any time of year and will always make your daughter look like the baby belle of the ball.